Love for Adventure, Appreciation for Art

Linda Sexton, Owner & Designer, Linton Jewelry

When Linda began traveling to  Asia to accompany her husband on his business travels she felt an instant connection to the people, and natural beauty of a place so far from her home in  South Carolina.  Linda was taken with the surroundings, but also the majestic artistry of native pearl jewelry.  

With her artistic eye and appreciation for quality craftsmanship,  Linda began collecting a coterie of designer artisan jewelry and accessories to remind her of her adventures and complement her elegant  style.

Style Ambassador, Trailblazing Entrepreneur

Linda’s new wardrobe adornments grabbed the attention of many of her friends back home.  Everyone wanted their own unique piece from Linda’s travels.  With a new mission to find baubles and gems for these eager customers, Linda began her journey into bringing the beautiful  pearls and unique metals to the American Market. 

Linda developed a network of clients across North America, and these initial customers and fans continue to inspire her to bring back new, high quality designs to adorn these independent-minded women.

Wisdom of Pearls, Generational Bonds

Linda’s desire to learn as much as she could about these treasures led her on an adventure deep into many far eastern countries to discover what made these ancient settlements the home to some of the most beautiful  pearls in the world.  Over the past 20 years, Linda has cultivated relationships with some of the most admired pearl farmers and distributors in the Pacific Rim. 

Her desire to create a collection of jewelry based on her own love of wearing timeless and versatile pieces that tell a story has kept her constantly discovering beautiful elements.  Linda’s vision has become a family affair both with the network of artisans abroad, and her own family in South Carolina who now share in her passion for discovery.   

Well-Versed in Elegance, Ready for Adventure

Today, Linda’s efforts to find the highest quality  pearls can be seen throughout the Linton Jewelry collection.  Whether it be through a glimpse of the carefully curated baroque pearls, or expertly finished closures and strand details, each piece demonstrates Linda’s passion for timeless elegance.

Linton Jewelry offers discerning women a glimpse into the journey of the pearl and the women who have worn them for generations.  From timeless baroque pearls to versatile metallic strands, Linton Jewelry creates confident, spirited treasures just like the women who they adorn.  At the heart of the Linton Jewelry collection is the spirit of the adventurer who no matter where they go will always be well-versed in elegance.